Windshield Chip Repair

Granite State Glass understands damage to your windshield is never expected, but the good news is that it can often be fixed with a quick windshield repair rather than an entire replacement. The GSG Auto Glass Technicians can repair chips that are smaller than the size of a quarter and cracks that are less than 2 inches long; if the technician examines the damage and determines the windshield should be replaced, he will discuss with you and explain the reasoning.


Why a Granite State Glass Windshield Chip Repair?

✓ Chip Repairs are more affordable than a full replacement, and it may cost you nothing depending on your insurance coverage…and GSG will work directly with your insurance company.
✓ Repairing your windshield is quick typically requiring only 20-30 minutes once deemed repairable.
✓ GSG Auto Glass Technicians are equipped with leading edge training, repair tools and materials.
✓ Get it done now…contaminants in the windshield chip can cause chips and cracks to spread making replacement necessary.
✓ All GSG Chip Repairs are fully warrantied. If the chip repair fails or is unsatisfactory the cost will be applied to your new windshield replacement.

When you notice a small crack or chip, don’t wait…call or email the experts at Granite State Glass and let us help solve your auto glass problem today!